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Model 290I aluminum doors shall be nominal 1-3/4" thick flush design, as manufactured by ALUTECHDOORS., Miami, Florida. Door stiles and rails shall have a strong, rigid aluminum sub-frame with integral edge caps. The sub-frame shall be connected by a 3/8" steel tie rod top and bottom. No snap-on or applied door edge will be accepted at hinge or lock stiles.


FACE SHEET: Face sheet shall be one piece 0.090" smooth aluminum (vertical ribbed not available) of anodizing quality, with a minimum tensile strength of 22,000 psi. Face sheets shall be concealed under a 1/2" edge cap full perimeter.

INSULATED CORE: All voids between sub-frames shall be filled with a isocyanurate rigid foam board that is fire retardant and a R-value of 9. Core shall be laminated between two sheets of 1/8" tempered hardboard for impact reinforcing. Tempered hardboard shall be the same size as face sheets. Lamination: Sub-frame, face sheets and insulated core shall be bonded together with a thermosetting adhesive under pressure to form a water, heat, and chemical resistant bond.

ALUMINUM SUB-FRAME FULL PERIMETER: 1-3/8" x 4-1/2" 6063-T5 tubular aluminum sub-frame with a 1-3/4" integral edge cap at hinge and lock side with an applied edge cap top and bottom to insured proper protection from the weather. Sub-frame shall be connected by a 3/8" plated steel tie rod top and bottom. Overall door tolerance shall be plus or minus 1/16". Extrusion tolerances shall be as set by the American Aluminum Manufacturers' Association.


The standard finish is 204R1 clear anodized with a minimum coating of 0.4 mils thick and 313 dark bronze anodized with a minimum coating of 0.7 mils thick. Other finishes available on request.


Doors shall be prepared for 1-1/2 pair of template type hinges 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" x .134, one cylindrical lockset 2-3/4" backset 2-1/8" bore, one deadbolt 2-3/4" backset 2-1/8" bore (only if required), undercut for 1/2" threshold and reinforced for closer and door stop. Hinges and strike mounting plates will be of 7 gauge steel (standard) or 1/4" aluminum plate.


HINGES: 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" template type hinges.
BORED LOCKS: Series 4000, Grade 1 (2-3/4" backset 2-1/8" bore).
MORTISE LOCKS: Series 1000, Grades 1 & 2. DEAD BOLTS: 2-3/4" Backset 2-1/8" bore.
EXIT DEVICES: Type 1 & 3 Grades 1 & 2 and Surface Vertical rod device.
CLOSER: Surface mounted only. All drilling and tapping shall be done in the field.
THRESHOLDS: Standard undercut 5/8" others upon request.
DOOR HOLDERS: Surface mounted only. All drilling and tapping shall be done in the field.
PUSH/PULL: Reinforce only. Drilling and tapping shall be done in the field. For hardware other than what is listed above please check with us for compatibility.





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